Stephanie Davis-Pressley

Stephanie is a 35-year veteran in the healthcare administration. The majority of her experience stems from working in a large community setting of physicians from all specialties of medicine. Her background in physician recruitment allowed her to network in areas from primary care, to nursing, hospital administration, and more. Stephanie received her Associate in Science from Pierce Jr College, Philadelphia, PA, and her Bachelor of Science from Capella University, Minneapolis, MN, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Healthcare Administration with a focus on Healthcare Analytics at the University of Maryland located in College Park, Maryland. Stephanie’s goal with our company is to be an advocate in clinical education for our patients. Her thriving networking patients with clinical educators, physicians, and other healthcare personnel within the community is rewarding.

• How to apply for healthcare insurance
• Understanding your specialists, and where to seek help.
• Where to find a mentorship
• Income and social protection.
• Education.
• Unemployment and job security.
• Working life conditions.
• Food Resources
• Housing, basic amenities, and the environment. Adjusting to change
• Medical Education
• Financial services
• Life insurance, Auto Insurance, Theft Protection, Home Security Monitoring