MWC Membership

$150.00 / month

Embark on a proactive journey with Ministry Wellness Center (MWC) as we revolutionize the landscape of community health and wellness. Established with a commitment to enhance the well-being of our community, MWC has evolved into a comprehensive Wellness Center since 2017. We provide resources, education, consultation, support, and clinical services to ensure a healthy community.

  • Detailed health assessment
  • Comprehensive physical examination by a physician
  • Twice a month consultation as needed
  • Personalized health care
  • Assess to educational wellness sessions
  • Coordination of care with primary and specialty health care team

Please note that MWC will help with education for disease prevention, chronic disease management and acute care management for all members but will not be their primary care giver instead MWC will work closely with you as your health advocate to help you achieve the appropriate if not the best health care you deserve.

The education sessions are tailored to help you and empower you to help others including family, friends and your community.